Changing Places Restrooms

Integrated & Refined in a Flexible Modular System

We are proud to offer a new suite of Changing Places facilities to our range of restroom buildings, joining the movement enabling those who are disadvantaged to enjoy a better quality of life.

The new Changing Places solutions are platformed from our third-generation modular restroom building system. A system refined from 28 years as a specialist provider of public restroom design, construction and maintenance that delivers:

Our construction strategy is based on a pre-fabricated approach which permits the following advantages:

The turnkey solutions achieve a cost savings of approximately 30-50% when compared to conventional design and construction processes. This is due to efficient pre-fab construction and streamlined documentation from design and Building Permit Approvals and through all project management plans and reports.

Smart design solutions specifically for public restrooms.
Stainless+Concrete® Panel System
as the core building platform

The panel system was developed in-house to fulfil a niche for urban toilet buildings where steel clad systems are too fragile and graffiti prone, and masonry too labour and not an ideal substrate for application of anti-graffiti treatments. The internal face has integral dimpled stainless steel sheet. Impossible to strip from wall, difficult to scratch and easy to clean. The external face are pre-cast power trowelled finish, painted and then coated with an anti-graffiti treatment.

Changing Places
Changing Places + Accessible + Ambulant
Changing Places + Accessible + Two Ambulant
Changing Places + Bespoke Configurations
Sustainable Design
Smart natural ventilation and drainage design and use of natural UV light reduces cleaning and energy requirements. Pre-fab construction permits lean energy usage and control.
Australian Designed & Made
We are an Australian owned company with all of our products Australian made. 97% of our materials and part units and are from Australian sources.
Smart Design
Pre-fabricated approach to design and manufacturing allows a superior integrated design using advanced manufacturing technologies and environmental sustainability management.
High Vandal Resistance
Pureablue developed fixings, continuously refined over time to handle public toilet application (abuse). All fixings flush mounted with only access from secured rear service duct.
User Friendly
Hygienic, clean and simple design. Vandal resistant yet softened appearance. Inclusive and User-centric design principles - simple non-complicated operation.
Low maintenance
Hygienic, easy to clean materials and surfaces. Smart plumbing design layout with easy, clear access from rear plant room for efficient clearing of blockages.
Turn-key Pre-fab solutions with up to 50% project cost savings
Modular Pre-fab construction is leaving
conventional site construction for dead

It is well known that Pre-fab construction delivers cost efficient construction, higher degree of quality control, OH&S risks, and reduction in on-site construction costs.
It also enables the use of hi-tech manufacturing technologies, such as 3D CNC laser cutters that opens up new possibilities and better design solutions, enables greater control of sustainable manufacturing through energy and waste management,.