AUTOMATED Restroom Series


The automated self-cleaning restrooms are based on our anti-Vandal restroom building system. A third-generation modular restroom building system, designed in collaboration with local government, roads authorities and Parks agencies and manufactured in Australia using locally sourced components and materials. Our systems are refined from 28 years as a specialist provider of public restroom design, construction and maintenance that delivers: Our buildings are a pre-fabricated modular system, enabling flexibility in design and systems. Smart design elements such as natural ventilation, natural lighting, low cleaning requirement materials, and systems that minimise water and energy usage achieves a highly sustainable solution with a reduced carbon footprint.
As a modular pre-fabricated unit, the buildings are relocatable and customisable in all areas of design such as: internal and external wall finishes; roof design; floor surfaces; manual or automatic door and locking systems; self-cleaning features and web based monitoring of usage data.
Contact us to discuss a configuration to best suit your requirements. We encourage you to challenge the performance and cost effectiveness of our products against all competitive products.
Feature benefit Vs Value

Our systems have been developed with a focus on delivering performance benefit whilst maintaining value to our clients. This is value over the full life of the assets; the principle cost of the system, the ongoing cleaning and maintenance costs and the service life duration. Where possible, we will utilise hardware that does not require specialised maintenance skills, allowing you to utilise your existing cleaning and maintenance contractors. We work with you to formulate a design that hits the benefits and value sweet-spot for your site.

Sustainable Design
Smart natural ventilation and drainage design and use of natural UV light reduces cleaning and energy requirements. Pre-fab construction permits lean energy usage and control.
Australian Designed & Made
We are an Australian owned company with all of our products Australian made. 97% of our materials and part units and are from Australian sources.
Smart Design
Pre-fabricated approach to design and manufacturing allows a superior integrated design using advanced manufacturing technologies and environmental sustainability management.
High Vandal Resistance
Pureablue developed fixings, continuously refined over time to handle public toilet application (abuse). All fixings flush mounted with only access from secured rear service duct.
User Friendly
Hygienic, clean and simple design. Vandal resistant yet softened appearance. Inclusive and User-centric design principles - simple non-complicated operation.
Low maintenance
Hygienic, easy to clean materials and surfaces. Smart plumbing design layout with easy, clear access from rear plant room for efficient clearing of blockages.
Design Options:
  • Manual or Automatic Doors with auto lock systems & status indicator
  • Automatic sensor toilet flushing
  • Touch free sensor taps, soap dispensers and hand dryers
  • Fixed occupation time
  • Wash down cycle
  • Toilet seat wash system
  • Music and voice messages
  • Web based remote monitoring of usage statistics
  • Sharps Disposal
  • Recessed sanitary disposal
  • Sensor operated toilet paper dispenser
  • Baby change table
  • Emergency lighting
  • Hearing impaired indicator
  • Movement sensor
Flexible Modular SystemS