Feature Project
Victoria Park, Ballarat
A facility consisting of a Changing Places, accessible booth and ambulant booth. The project was part of a new inclusive playspace development by the touched by Olivia Foundation which included an all abilities water park, playground with flying fox, and concert stages.
City of Ballarat
Changing Places are a new category of public restroom to cater for users with profound and multiple learning disabilities. The restrooms feature height-adjustable change tables, tracking hoist systems, sufficient circulation space and a centrally placed toilet with room at either end for carers.

This is the first Changing Places facility to be built from our new Changing Places building range. The new range is the first pre-fab solution on the market providing a high quality and cost-effective option, lowering the funding hurdle and getting more of these facilities built sooner.

The Changing Places project is a national program. The movement originated in the UK in 2006 where there is now 540 Changing Places facilities. The Australian program was initiated in 2012 and has since been able to establish 23 Changing Places facilities, with more campaigns and funding becoming available as awareness grows. For more information about Changing Places and details of real life stories visit: www.changingplaces.org.au