Automated Anti-Vandal Series
Civic Park Darwin
A Two booth Automated Anti-Vandal Series restroom at Civic Park in the middle of town adjacent to the council chambers, and surrounded by historical buildings. The Park attracts tourists, hosts arts festivals throughout the year, but is also known for loitering and anti-social behaviour.
City of Darwin
The project was very political amongst local stakeholders on the location and design of the facility. The desired result was a vandal proof facility that provided a high quality attractive facility for tourist patrons, discouraged anti-social behaviour and loitering and not create an eyesore amongst existing historical architecture. We were selected as the most appropriate solution provider for our automated anti-vandal series and our ability to collaborate with stakeholders to refine the architectural design.

The final solution was a double accessible booth facility with the following features:

  • Automatic sliding doors
  • Audio instructions and music
  • User data system accessible via an online portal
  • Automatic flush system
  • Automatic tap, soap and hand-dryer system
  • Cyclone rated structure
  • Sustainable design to maximise natural ventilation in a tropical environment, keeping the facility cool and dry
  • 2-pack epoxy painted furniture to soften stainless steel appearance
  • Tiled floors
  • In-built pressure cleaner with concealed snap couplings in each booth to connect to hose and lance stored in rear service duct. Great feedback from cleaning contractors as it makes cleaning easy, minimises use of chemicals, and they don’t have to carry pressure pump on board their service vehicle reducing costs
  • External walls were covered with a graffiti proof printed laminate with a blockwork pattern matching heritage buildings.
All on-site construction was completed within 2 weeks, minimising local inner city disruption, reducing public safety risk and risk of vandalism during construction.