Explorer Series
Seal Rocks
A site on a walking track at Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse. A high salt air site only 200m from where the ocean crashed onto rocks.
NSW NPWS Forster
The site was on a rugged and steep walking trail where the decision was made by authorities that the restroom would not have to be disabled compliant. Due to the salt air environment, the structure consisted of a pre-cast concrete base with a stainless steel frae and timber cladding. All furniture inside and the doors were of stainless steel.

There were no sewer or water services available on-site. The building was integrated with a CWT 3000L collection well installed under the building and doubling as the building footings. Hand washing sinks were replaced with a liquid hand sanitiser dispenser. An elegant and simple solution.

The building was prefabricated to shipped to site. All excvataion, crane in and commissioning was done within 1 day.