Anti-vandal Series
Kable St, Hawkesbury
A Three booth Anti-Vandal Series Restroom at a site adjacent to a shopping centre to replace an old brick toilet block at the end of its life. The council also wanted to integrate a storage shed for lawn mowing equipment used for maintaining the adjacent creek and waterway easement.
Hawkesbury City Council
The design had to be conscientious of the adjacent residential property; no stormwater run-off into the property and a design to discourage loitering and anti-social behaviour. The anti-vandal restroom system was adopted to match the architecture of the new shopping centre across the road with roof design and colour palate. Anti-climb mesh screens were placed around the open side of the facility as a safety barrier for patrons, especially children, exiting the restroom and stepping out into the adjacent shopping centre carpark.
An innovative downpipe system channelled water from the gutter and dispersed into the roadside gutter and stormwater pit.
The storage room featured a roller door with auxiliary security gating.

The primary concrete slabs were pre-cast with perimeter footpaths cast in-situ after the building was complete to meet existing bitumen with appropriate access gradients. All site works were completed in a week, minimising local disruption, public safety and vandal risk during construction.