Anti-vandal Series
Mungarra Reserve
An Anti-Vandal Series restroom a site at the entrance to the Mungarra Reserve on the fringe of suburban north Brisbane. The reserve had popular walking and cycling paths starting and ending from the site.
Moreton Bay Regional Council
The site presented challenges due to the heavy slope and disabled access was deemed to be required at the bottom of the block where walking tracks start. Hence why a complex of ramps maintaining disabled access gradients were constructed, rather than just using the adjacent street footpath. The site also required a rising main system to get waste to an elevated sewer pit at the top of the block.

The building featured an automatic night lock up system. Based on a timer, the door would lock, albeit with an exit button if a patron was inside at the time, and would re-open the next morning. All hardware for the system is fully concealed within the door reveal, preventing possible vandal attack. A printed laminate with an anti-vandal coating was applied to the external walls with images of nearby vegetation to soften the appearance of the building amongst nearby housing.