My Town Series
Gladfield Driver Reviver
Upgrade of the restroom facilities at Gladfield Driver Reviver rest area on the Cunninghams Highway between Warwick and Brisbane. The site was without municipal water or sewer but a flush style toilet was a key requirement.
Queensland Transport & Main Roads - Roadtek
The Gladfield Driver River rest area is about 20 mins drive east of Warwick on the road to Brisbane. Pureablue built some Windyloos in the early 1990’s which were still in operation at the site but at the end of their life and unable to cater for growing usage demand. As a key driver safety rest area with a community run driver reviver, the transport minister set the upgrade of a restrooms as a high priority project, with a solution devised and completed within 10 weeks before the Easter School holidays.

The Queensland Roads Authority (Roadtek) approached Pureablue to help them devise a solution. With no municipal sewer or water services available at site but a requirement to provide a high quality amenity with flushing toilets, Pureablue worked with Roadtek to devise a solution that was simple, effective and easy to manage in operation with a pre-fabricated system that would enable timelines to be met.

The system comprised of: a 10,000L Freshwater tank (concrete) with robust level indicator and refill system by water truck, as a water supply; waste water system of 2 x 10,000L CWT collection wells. One tank being a primary tank, the other a redundancy tank as a safety buffer for overlow. The redundancy tank was also set up as a Caravan waste dump point with stainless steel deposit outlet.

The waste collection wells have a concealed electronic depth indicator system which allows a % full to be displayed in a concealed unit readable at the rear of the restroom building, through a vandal resistant window. This enabled Roadtek and Driver Reviver staff to monitor and to arrange pump out of collection wells and refill of freshwater accordingly.

The building was a My Town MT3 pre-fabricated unit 1 x accessible booth and 2 x ambulant booths. A steel framed and clad structure with flush toilets. All hardware, including cisterns, plumbing, fresh water pump unit and depth indicator electronic system was housed in a concealed rear serviced duct. The door of which is a top-hinged hood, when opened supported by gas struts. It hides the appearance of the rear service duct with robust bar key lock system.

The project was completed successfully and on-time with over 2000 uses in the first 2 weeks of operation over the holiday break. The project showcases Pureablue’s ability to offer complete turn-key packages considering quality amenity design and system design for effective management.