Anti-vandal Restroom
Devil's Pulpit
A CAB3 anti-vandal restroom with flush cisterns fed by elevated freshwater tank with 2 x 10,000L CWT Collection wells waste system.
NSW Roads & Maritime Services
A site on the new Pacific Highway upgrade north of Maclean. The Devil’s Pulpit site was expected to attract a high level of usage and thus was decided that a facility with total water carriage was required despite no water, sewer or electrical service at site. The site was also adjacent to a National Park requiring sensitivity to site discharges. The principle contractor also demanded a project timeline of 120 days for design, build, install and commission which played to the strengths of our pre-engineered building range. The proposed solution was a CAB3 building with 2 x 10,000L CWT Collection Well waste system with a management plan implemented in conjunction with a local pump-out contractor.

Water services was to be delivered by an elevated water tank (6m) with sufficient capacity (10,000L) to service estimates usage volumes and deliver sufficient pressure. A structure all design and built by Pureablue.

A solar lighting system was also included as part of our scope.

The quality of the facility attracted 200% of estimated usage over the initial 3 months as users avoided the nearby stink-composter facilities. The project has been deemed a major success with an excellent solution for a water carriage system. Despite high maintenance costs, it delivers a high quality facility.