Feature Project
Casuarina Sands
BWA Bulk Water Alliance is constructing an augmented water supply at Cotter River west of Canberra. The Cotter Reserve below the existing dam had to be decommissioned for the duration of this project. Casuarina Sands was an existing picnic area east of the Cotter River on the Murrimbidgee River. BWA was briefed to upgrade the Cassuarina Sands facility as an alternative picnic area prior to the main works commencing at the Cotter. Hence, a very tight construction schedule was specified. The existing toilet facility was old and did not comply with AS1428.1. Demolition was specified.
ACT Territory and Municipal Services (TAMS)
A concept was presented to the client of two of our CAB 3 toilet buildings, with our Conablue™ Stainless+ Concrete™ Panel system (a concrete pre-cast panel system with integral stainless steel internal lining), each side of a common circulation space, this circulation space covered by a raised roof portico.Curved barrel like roofs were designed. The CAB3 buildings used our standard curved roof system. The interlinking portico was designed to be higher and overlap the toilet building roofs. This portico was supported by two concrete columns as a free standing structure. These columns incorporated beach showers (cold water only) with all fixtures imbedded in the concrete columns away from vandal attack.

Crime Prevention Through Environment Design (CPTED) dictates that all toilet booths open on to public space - no female/male subdivision in the building - hence the six booths open on to the common space, open portico area. This open portico area in full view of the adjacent picnic shelters, grassed areas and playground equipment. A stand alone AS1428.1 compliant hand washing facility with four basins is located in the circulation space under the portico between the portico columns. This hot dipped galvanized and stainless steel vandal resistant structure is free standing allowing access from all directions. The zone below the sink is fully enclosed with stainless steel shutters, keeping all vandal prone fixtures out of view.

Pureablue specified in the overall design all the regular anti vandalism features that have been developed over twenty years of toilet building construction. The cisterns, drainage plumbing, water in plumbing and sharps collection unit, are located out of vandal attack in the plant room, or enclosed in cast in wall cavities with stainless steel covers fixed by tamperproof fasteners.

Our presentation was accepted by BWA and bundled in to a master contract for the entire Casuarina Sands upgrade. This contract was won by Landscape Solutions Pty Ltd. A stringent completion date was set which had to be adhered to. Political drivers meant that the project had to be completed by just after Christmas 2009. As well, a Quality Assurance and Safety Programmed had to be documented and implemented. This presented a huge challenge for Pureablue, which already had a full work book as a consequence of a Federal Government stimulus package to Local Government.

Deadlines were achieved; despite unanticipated access issues and normal pre-Christmas sub-contractor capacity problems. The project was delivered on time, fixed price and too specification. The facility manager, ACT Parks Conservation and Lands (PCL) is pleased with the facility. The area is not locked at night, so is subject to the normal anti-social behavior typical of these remote picnic reserves. Some door damage has occurred. The Australian Standard mandates outward opening doors which present engineering challenges to prevent the doors being forced past a 90 degree opening arc. Pureablue has an R&D programmed currently researching using engineered door pivot arrangements instead of proprietary hinges with an integral hydraulic door closer to overcome this issue. This will be incorporated in all buildings constructed after August 2010.