Essentials Modular Kit Series
Alum Creek
A remote site on the 6 Foot Trail only accessible via 7km's of 4WD track. The building was an Essentials Kit system with CWT Collection well waste system, and an FWT Freshwater tank for handwashing.
NSW Department of Industry

The 6 Foot Track is the original track from Lithgow through to Jenolan Caves. There is annual running race along the track and the time driver was to have to the building operational before the event.

The site presented many challenges. The was located adjacent to a critical water supply and had to have zero discharge to ground. The site was only accesible via a 4WD track - about 7kms worth. Conventional on-site construction would have seen costs blow out due to the extended time on-site and travel to and from. The Essentials pre-fab kit with the CWT waste system and FWT Fresh water system enabled the entire building to be completed in 1 day.

We had to utilise some special trailers and the 20 tonne excavator had to be ber able to crane in all components - no other crane access was possible..

The CWT management plan included identifying and collaborating with a local pump-out contractor who could access the site.