Automated Anti-Vandal Series
Victoria Park Adelaide
Design & construction of a toilet and changerooms facility for sports fields at Adelaide’s iconic Victoria Park.
City of Adelaide
Victoria Park is the site of pit straight area of the yearly V8 Supercars event and the old Formula 1 circuit. Planning to use the site for new sports grounds required a new amenities facility. The requirements for the facility included:
  • A set of toilets available at all times capable of withstanding typical urban area vandal abuse
  • 2 x changerooms with hot showers and internal toilets to be accessible via booking of sports fields
  • A storeroom for parks maintenance hardware and supplies
  • Minimal roof eaves to dis-courage rough sleeping shelter and associated anti-social activity in the area.

The Pureablue Stainless+Concrete Panel system with Anti-Vandal Systems were well suited to the all access toilets, however the changeroom facilities, secured by electronic permission access, afforded itself to some softer furnishings.

The concrete slab was cast in-situ however we still applied our typical pre-fabricated building systems to the rest of the design. The roof was pre-assembled at site on ground adjacent to the building. Full building erection including the placement of all pre-cast concrete walls and lifting the roof structure on in one piece was completed in 1 day, minimising park disturbance and local neighbourhood complaints.

The facility included:

  • Solar boosted hot water system
  • All lighting PE cell and motion sensor controlled for energy saving
  • Ability to switch the flushing of toilets from recycled (GAP) water to mains water.
  • Rising main pump station
  • Automatic night locking system closing the ‘all access toilet’ at night and re-opening in the morning.

Plans are to include a vertical garden on the rear north-facing walls to further blend the building into the adjacent gardens.