My Town

Refined, high quality facilities with cost effective construction, cleaning and operation.

The My Town series of buildings are a third-generation system, designed in collaboration with local government, roads authorities and Parks agencies and manufactured in Australia using locally sourced components and materials. Our systems are refined from 28 years as a specialist provider of public restroom design, construction and maintenance that delivers: The buildings consist of a pre-cast concrete slab, galvanised and painted steel frame with Colorbond steel cladding both externally and internally. The My Town series is designed for connection to a municipal sewer and water service (or AWTS), and features a concealed rear service duct accessible by a top-hinged hatch door on gas struts (with concealed latches) housing all concealed cisterns, plumbing and electrical.

The buildings are 75% assembled in our factory and then shipped to site for installation. This provides a significant cost saving compared to on-site construction at remote sites. On-site installation and commissioning is typically 1 to 2 days.

Contact us to discuss a configuration to best suit your requirements. We encourage you to challenge the performance and cost effectiveness of our products against all competitive products.

Design Focus
Integrated Structure & Furniture

We have designed and manufactured all booth furniture items to be fully integrated with the building structure and be completely fit-for-purpose. It results in a cost-effectivene solution with a high quality finish and high vandal resistance. For example, grabrails are designed with tamper proof fixings that correspond to the structural frame members. No ugly tek screws showing with weak fixing to only cladding.

Building Designs
My Town MT1
My Town MT2
My Town MT3
Turn-key Pre-fab solutions with up to 50% project cost savings
Modular Pre-fab construction is leaving
conventional site construction for dead

It is well known that Pre-fab construction delivers cost efficient construction, higher degree of quality control, OH&S risks, and reduction in on-site construction costs.
It also enables the use of hi-tech manufacturing technologies, such as 3D CNC laser cutters that opens up new possibilities and better design solutions, enables greater control of sustainable manufacturing through energy and waste management.

Sustainable Design
Smart natural ventilation and drainage design and use of natural UV light reduces cleaning and energy requirements. Pre-fab construction permits lean energy usage and control.
Australian Designed & Made
We are an Australian owned company with all of our products Australian made. 97% of our materials and part units and are from Australian sources.
Smart Design
Pre-fabricated approach to design and manufacturing allows a superior integrated design using advanced manufacturing technologies and environmental sustainability management.
High Vandal Resistance
Pureablue developed fixings, continuously refined over time to handle public toilet application (abuse). All fixings flush mounted with only access from secured rear service duct.
User Friendly
Hygienic, clean and simple design. Vandal resistant yet softened appearance. Inclusive and User-centric design principles - simple non-complicated operation.
Low maintenance
Hygienic, easy to clean materials and surfaces. Smart plumbing design layout with easy, clear access from rear plant room for efficient clearing of blockages.